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Animal Services

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The Town of Paradise is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all residents and their pets. Whether you're looking to obtain a pet license, report a lost pet, learn more about animal control regulations, learn about rodent control, or issue a complaint, we're here to help!

Pet licensing

In accordance with the Animal Control By-law, all dogs must be licenced within the Town of Paradise.

It is also strongly recommended that you licence any other pets within your household. When licenced pets become lost, there is a much higher success rate in reuniting them with their owners. When lost pets are found wearing a licence, our Municipal Enforcement Officers are quickly able to look up their registration information.

Pet licences are free and remain valid throughout the animal's life.

To obtain a pet license please visit the Town Hall.

Reporting a deceased animal

If your pet has died, please notify our Municipal Enforcement Officers. This allows us to better maintain our pet registry.



A coyote is a medium-sized animal with long legs; a tawny-grey coat with black tips; blacktipped, bushy tail; reddish-yellow legs, paws and muzzle; and white fur on the throat, belly, and inside the ears. Coyotes have been in confimred as being in our province since the 1990s. 

Coyotes have a natural fear of people. If you do see a Coyote in the Town of Paradise:

  • Do not feed them
  • Never leave pet food or edible garbage outside
  • Limit use of birdseed and pick up fallen fruit
  • Keep pets indoors or under supervision when outside
  • Have pets spayed or neutered

Coyote sightings should be reported to the Department of Environment & Conservation, Wildlife Division (709) 637-2025.

(Source: Department of Environment and Conservation, Government of Newfoundland and Larbador.)