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Property Tax and Assessment

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Property Assessment is the process of establishing a dollar value for property tax purposes. The Municipal Assessment Agency completes property assessments for the Town of Paradise. The Agency is a provincial crown agency that is arm's-length from all municipalities, including the Town of Paradise. All municipalities in the province, with the exception of the City of St. John's, use the services of the Municipal Assessment Agency. The Town is not involved in any way with the property assessment process.

Provincial law requires a new valuation of property every three years. The current assessments are based on the market value of a property as of January 1, 2017 and have been calculated based a property's physical characteristics and property sales in the area.

General Information

Seniors Discount: Seniors, 60 years of age or older, who own and reside at the property, are eligible for a 10 percent discount on the property tax portion only if taxes are paid according to Town's payment terms. If you had a seniors discount in 2019, this discount will be automatically reflected in your 2020 invoice. 

Failure to Receive Tax Bill:  Please note that failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a taxpayer from the responsibility of the tax payments; nor does it relieve the taxpayer from the liability of interest on tax payments. Please ensure the Town is notified of any changes to your mailing address.

Preauthorized Debit Form: To set-up Preauthorized Debit payments for your tax bill, please complete the authorization form. The completed form and a void cheque must be submitted in order to start the payment method. 

Please email if you have any questions.  For those wishing to make tax payments at this time, please see below for payment options. 

Payment Information

Taxes can be paid through: Preauthorized Debit, Post-dated Cheques, Online Banking, Mortgagor, Cash, Cheque, Debit, Credit, e-Transfers, PayPal, and eServices.

Preauthorized Debit

Taxes paid through preauthorized debit are charged through 10 monthly equal payments, which begin March 15 and end December 15. A void cheque and a one-time authorization form are required. No interest is charged if you use this payment method. If you had preauthorized debit in 2019 the debit amount will be adjusted for 2020, unless you cancel, which must be done in writing.

Please note: If you have more than one Non-sufficient Fund (NSF) payment you will be taken off Preauthorized Debit payment and you will have to make other arrangements to pay the remaining 2020 balance and all future taxes.

Post-dated Cheques

Using post-dated cheques enables equal payments to cover the entire balance of the account. The first cheque must be dated on or before March 2, 2020 and all cheques must be received in the office on or before March 2, 2020. No interest will be charged if the cheques to cover the full amount equally distributed throughout the year are received by the Town by March 2, 2020. If you have more than one property, please issue a separate set of cheques for each property.

Please note: If you have more than one Non-sufficient Fund (NSF) cheque payment you will be taken off Post-Date Cheque payment and you will have to make other arrangements to pay the remaining 2020 balance and all future taxes.

Online Banking
Payments are accepted through online banking by adding the Town of Paradise as a payee on the bank website and quoting the account number which is found on the front of the municipal tax bill (Ex: ABCDE001). Please note this is not an interest free form of payment.
Mortgagor Payment

If you have arranged to have your property taxed paid as part of your mortgage through a financial institution, the top left corner of your bill should read "Copy Sent to Mortgagor". 

Cash, Cheque or Debit

Payments can be made in-person at the Town Hall through cash, cheque or debit.

Credit Card (Visa, Master Card and American Express), e-Transfer or PayPal

Payments can be completed online through PaySimply, our secure third-party provider, visit the portal to access the service.

Please note that PaySimply will charge you a convenience fee to cover payment handling and processing charges, this fee is not associated with the Town of Paradise and is paid directly to PaySimply. 

Credit card payments can only be accepted online, they cannot be accepted at the Town Hall. 

Payments can be received through the Town's website through the eServices portal. Please visit the eServices page and follow the instructions to create an account and make payments.