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ATV Safety

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With the increasing usage of ATVs in our Town and around the Province, it is important to know all you can about ATV safety, and knowing the places you can and can’t ride is the best preparation for safe and enjoyable riding. Prior to riding an ATV within the Town of Paradise, please review the information below regarding safe practices and legal usage. Safe ATV usage by everyone will keep you and our community safe.

Areas where ATV usage is allowed within the Town of Paradise:

  • Provincial Trailway West of McNamara Road until CBS Boundary
    (April 27, 2021 Update – Due to trail upgrades, the T’Railway is currently closed to all traffic. Barricades are in place and residents are asked to follow all signage. Work is expected to be completed by end of July 2021 and will return to multi-use traffic.)

  • Areas outlined in Provincial Regulations, which includes:
    • abandoned railway corridors
    • highways abandoned under the Works, Services and Transportation Act
    • forest access roads as defined under the Forestry Act, 
    • roads constructed under licence issued under the Lands Act
    • and any other road constructed for the purpose of providing vehicular access to resources including but not limited to forestry, agriculture, hydroelectric, recreation, mining, industrial and similar developments

Areas where ATV usage is not permitted within the Town of Paradise:

  • Public roads and highway
  • Any Town walking trails or public parks maintained by the Town of Paradise
  • Any private property maintained by the Town of Paradise
  • Bogs and other environmentally sensitive areas are out of bounds except for the lawful transportation of an animal from the place where it was killed, and only under certain conditions (See the Provincial legislation for details).
  • ATVs are not permitted on a highway except to cross from one side to another and the operator must have insurance to do so. This rule does not apply to private woods roads, resource woods roads and cottage development roads.

ATV Rules

  • A person must be 16 to operate an adult-size ATV (over 90cc).
  • A person aged 14 or 15 can operate an ATV up to and including 90cc, if accompanied and supervised by a person 19 years of age or older.
  • A person under 14 years of age is not permitted to operate any size ATV.
  • Provincial legislation requires operators to wear a helmet. If the ATV has no windshield, then the operator must wear a face shield, safety glasses, or goggles. (Exceptions are possible in the forestry, mining, fishing, construction, or agricultural industries.)
  • Only carry passengers on ATVs designed for a second person.
  • Never drink and drive on an ATV.
  • Respect the environment when using an ATV.


The Town of Paradise Municipal Enforcement Officers (MEO) can issue tickets for the following offences:
  • Drive or Permit Operation of Unregistered Vehicle - $130
  • Operate Vehicle without Plates - $130
  • Fail to Transfer Ownership - $130
  • Operate Vehicle while crossing Highway without Driver License - $130
  • Operate Vehicle while crossing Highway under 19 without Insurance - $325
  • Fail to Yield Right of Way to Vehicles on a Highway - $130
  • Operate Vehicle without being Properly Accompanied (under 16) - $130
  • Operate Vehicle without Due Care and Attention - $130
  • Operate Vehicle without Reasonable consideration - $130
  • Operate ATV in Dangerous/Hazardous Manner - $130
  • Operate ATV Outside Approved Area - $650
  • Operate ATV on Highway - $130
  • Allow Person under 13 to Operate MSV (unless accompanied) - $130
  • Allow Person under 16 to Operate ATV - $130
  • Operator Permitting Passenger on ATV - $130
  • Operate or Ride ATV without Helmet - $130
  • Operate ATV without Shield/Glasses/Goggles - $130
  • Operate ATV without Adequate Lamps - $130
  • Fail to Obey Direction of Peace Officer - $130
  • No Insurance on Vehicle (ATV or MSV) - $325


If you see unsafe or illegal usage of an ATV in Paradise, please contact:

  • The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary: 729-8000
  • Town of Paradise: 782-1400


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