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Recycling Guidelines

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Recycling is encouraged in the Town of Paradise as it reduces the amount of waste going into wheeled carts and landfills. Let's all do our part and recycle!

Guidelines for curbside recycling

  • Sort recyclables into two types: paper products and containers.
  • Cardboard can be placed in a blue bag or broken down and bundled.
  • Cardboard bundles shouldn't measure more than 2ft X 2ft X 1ft.
  • Rinse containers before recycling them. Milk cartons should be rinsed and belong in your container bag.
  • Remove lids, caps, and straws from containers, and wrap, plastic, and styrofoam from boxes and paper.
  • See-through blue bags must be used for recycling only. You can buy see-through blue bags at most retail stores where you buy garbage bags.
  • Place recyclables loosely in the blue bag. Do not put recyclables in grocery store bags and then in blue bags. Grocery store bags are not recyclable in our program, but the blue bags are and will be recycled.
  • On collection days, place your bags of recyclables at the curb, uncovered, and outside your garbage bin.

What can you put on the curb for recycling?


  • Newspaper
  • Flyers
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Envelopes
  • Writing and computer paper (lined, white, coloured, etc.)
  • Books (remove hardcovers)
  • Boxboard (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, detergent boxes, etc.)
  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • Paper bags
  • Toilet and paper towel rolls
  • Corrugated cardboard


  • Aluminum (pop and beer cans, pie plates, etc.)
  • Plastic bottles (water, pop, and liquor bottles, etc.)
  • Plastic containers (ice cream, bleach, butter, sour cream and yogurt containers, ketchup, shampoo, salad dressing, and household cleaner bottles, plastic fruit, baking and sandwich trays, etc.)
  • Tin cans (soup, coffee, tuna, cat food, etc.)
  • Gable tops (milk and juice cartons, etc.)
  • Tetra paks (juice boxes, soup, etc.)

What stays out?

  • Hypodermic needles and other sharp objects, including broken glass must be placed in a puncture proof container prior to placing in the garbage.
  • Propane tanks
  • Glass
  • Plastic bags/wrap
  • Aerosol and paint cans
  • Syringes
  • Styrofoam
  • Diapers
  • Kitty litter
  • Drink/coffee cups
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Toys (plastic, wood, metal)
  • Chemicals (ie. Bleach) 

Glass beverage containers are accepted at Green Depots. To learn the locations of Green Depots in your area, contact the MMSB at or call 1-800-901-MMSB

A note on plastic...

Our program collects most containers that food, drink and cleaning products come in. You will find on the bottom of most containers, a recycling symbol with a number on it. Plastic containers with the numbers one through seven will be accepted in our curbside program.

Please note: plastic bags and Styrofoam are not accepted, even if they have symbols/numbers on them.





What else can you recycle?


Residents can cut lawns more frequently thereby eliminating the need to rake up the clippings. Leaving clippings on the lawn provides excellent nutrients for the lawn. 

Recycle My Cell

The Town also provides residents with an opportunity to recycle old cell phones and accessories by drop off at Paradise Town Hall (28 McNamara Dr.) or the Paradise Double Ice Complex (1 Sarah Davis Way).