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Swimming Lessons are back at the Aquarena!

Through the Town's partnership with The Works, Paradise residents can to avail of swimming lessons at the Aquarena. Due to COVID-19, the way swimming lessons at The Works are offered has changed. The health and safety of our customers and employees is paramount, and as such, at this time, Private Lessons and Bubble Lessons are available (Group Lessons such as Tots, Children’s Group, Low Ratio Lessons or Lifeguarding Programs are not available at this time.)

Registration for the 2021 Spring Session is open and is available online only through The Works

Swimming Lessons

  • Swimming Lessons are offered on Sundays, at a time slot dedicated exclusively for Paradise residents. 
  • Lessons are offered as Private or Bubble Lessons
  • Private lessons: one child with one instructor  
  • Bubble Lessons: two or three children in the same bubble with one instructor
The spring session runs for six weeks from April 11, 2021 – May 16, 2021

The times for lessons are:

4:00pm – 4:30pm 
4:35pm – 5:05pm
5:10pm – 5:40pm 
5:45pm – 6:15pm 

Private Lessons (one child):

  • one instructor with one child
  • $120 (6 lessons, 30 minutes each)


Bubble Lessons (2 children):

  • one instructor with 2 children in the same bubble, within 2 levels of each other
  • $150 (6 lessons, 30 minutes each)


Bubble Lessons (3 children)

  • one instructor with 3 children in the same bubble, within 2 levels of each other
  • $190 (7 lessons, 30 minutes each)


Note: One Child is enrolled in the class; the other children are added by answering questions during the registration process. The Household who completes the registration is responsible to pay the full amount owing and the receipt will be issued in their name.

 Class booking is completed by level

Tots to Red

  • Tots, White, Purple and Red require a parent/guardian to accompany their child in the water. These levels require physical contact, which cannot be completed by The Works staff.
  • The instructor will then instructor the parent/guardian on their role in assisting their child.
  • A Bubble lesson will only require one parent/guardian to assist with the group.
  • For Bubble Lessons, all participants must be within 2 levels of each other. Participants who are in Tots to Red Levels cannot be combined with Green to Platinum Levels.
  • Times for Tots-Red are available for the Main Pool Only or the Tot Pool Only. Ensure you select the correct one when registering. For Bubble Classes – all children would be taught in the same pool.

Green to Platinum

  • Levels Green and above do not require parent/guardian accompaniment.
  • For Bubble Lessons, all participants must be within 2 levels of each other. Participants who are in Tots to Red Levels cannot be combined with Green to Platinum Levels.
Mask Requirements
  • Wearing a non-medical mask that covers the nose and mouth is mandatory while in The Works facilities.
  • Participants are to wear a mask as much as possible inside the facility and maintain a 2-metre distance from others
  • Participants, including parent/guardian accompaniment, are not required to wear their mask during physical activity or their swimming lesson.
  • Members and Users must wear a mask when going in and out of the facility, to and from the changeroom, while in the changeroom/washroom area.
  • Masks must be kept on participants until they enter the pool deck area
  • Masks must be worn once the participants re-enter the change rooms following their lesson.
  • The Works staff will be wearing masks when physical distancing cannot be maintained. They will not be wearing them during instruction or lifeguarding If they can maintain physical distancing.
Arriving at the Facility
  • Entrance to the Aquarena is through the main entrance, throughout the facility there is directional signage.
  • To facilitate physical distancing, arrival and departure times to the facility are structured as follows:
  • Participants must arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled lesson time. Participants must be on the pool deck 5 minutes prior to lesson start time.
  • We recommend that participants arrive with their swim wear on. There is a 15-minute window prior to class time to use the change rooms.
  • There are no showers in the change rooms.
  • All participants must exit the change rooms and go to the rinsing showers on the pool deck to rinse before their lesson.
  • Move to the left-hand side of the pool deck, by the Tot Pool and wait for the lesson to begin.
  • After the lessons, participants will have 15 minutes to rinse off on the pool deck (there is no soap or shampoo permitted to be used, showers are for rinsing only) and use change rooms. There are no hand dryers or hair dryers.
  • Exit the Aquarena through the doors located under the Pedway.
Parents and Guardians as Spectators
  • Each family/group are permitted one (1) guardian in the facility.
  • The only Parent/Guardian permitted on the pool deck are those who are accompanying participants into the water. Spectators are not permitted on the pool deck.


How to Register

Registration is now available for the Spring session and is available online only through The Works

All those interested in registering for these lessons MUST have an account (household) set up with The Works prior to the registration time. If you have registered for swimming lessons or other programs at The Works you most likely already have an account – you can verify by calling 709.864.3798. Anyone who does not have a household / account set up will not be able to register for these lessons. There will be no registration by phone or in person.

Accounts can be set up by sending an email, and must have Town of Paradise Swimming Lessons in the subject line and include the following information:

Primary Parent/Guardian’s:  
ADDRESS (Street, City, Postal Code): 
PHONE NUMBERS (Home & Cell):


Secondary Parent/Guardian’s: 


BIRTHDATE (Month, Day, Year):