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Ticket Giveaway

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The following individuals have received a pair of tickets to the Toronto Maple Leafs Training Camp. Tickets are as awarded and cannot be exchanged for another date. 

Tickets can be picked up at the Paradise Double Ice Complex Reception Desk starting 12 noon today, Wednesday. September 11 and available until the building closes. On Thursday, September 12  tickets can be picked up from 8 am to 7 pm, at the Rotary Paradise Youth and Community Centre entrance.

If recipients are unable to pick up tickets in advance, the tickets will be available through lining up at the Will Call entrance the day of the event. 

Recipients must be able to prove residency at time of ticket distribution, please bring valid identification, showing a Paradise address, when picking up tickets (valid government-issued ID with address, utility bill, or 2019 Town of Paradise property tax invoice will be accepted as proof of residency).

Friday, September 13

Alex Ledrew

Alison Wheadon

Amy Kavanagh

Andre Pearcey

Andrea Foss

Andrew Norris

Andrew Pearce

Angela Power

Ashleigh Barry

Bradley Brazill

Brian St George

Cassandra Vincent

Chris Vedd

Christina Lambert

Colin Breen

Courtney Walsh

Danielle Moulton

Darryl Keeping

David Bourden

David Vokey

Derek Gould

Derrick Lockyer

Devin Green

Gail McCarthy

Gillian Halliday

Heidi Baldwin

Hilari Squires

James Clancey

Jason Dillon

Jenni Simms

Joe Gillis

Juanita Cutler

Justin Walsh

Katie Jones

Katie Keats

Krista Dalton

Leo Smith

Lisa Brogan

Lisa Russell

Lori Fleming

Marilyn Walsh

Matt Moore

Melissa Vautier

Michelle Downey

Nancy Bugden

Nicole Young

Noah Glynn

Pam Russell

Paul King

Paula Hannam

Philip Grace

Rhonda Careen

Rosalind Faulkner

Russell Vardy

Ryan Brogan

Sharon Durdle

Sheena King

Sheila Saunders

Terry Ryan

Tracy Vokey

Verdun Strickland

Wayne Parsons

Wayne Walsh

Saturday, September 14

Allison Pinsent

Bernard Conway

Brandon Street

Chad Butt

Crystal Knight

Dionne Coish

Gavin Loder

George Abbott

Haley Leaman

Irene Fry

Jenelle Witherall

Jennifer Prince

Joanie Holden

John Walsh

Julia Butt

Kaitlan Lewis

Kari Sooley

Katherine Scott

Keith Miller

Kirk Sooley

Leah Howse

Lisa Heale

Lori Stratton

Melissa Barry

Melissa Jennings

Melissa King

Michael Witherall

Mike Kettle

Pam Rixon

Paul John

Paul Kinsella

Peter clements

Philip J Ricketts

ReJean Ashford

Rhonda Dale

Rick Bearns

Robert Hoskins

Ryan Williams

Sarah Browning

Sasha Young

Scott Graham

Shannon McCarthy

Shari Diamond

Sheri Hickey

Spencer Winsor

Stephanie Gibbons

Tina Kielly

Tony Goulding

Valene Vokey

Valerie Glynn

Sunday, September 15

Allison Leonard

Amanda Perham

Andrew Coombs

April Walsh

Ashley Loveless

Barry K. Boland

Christa Sharpe

Crystal Mirka

Curtis Green

Dalena Skinner

Danielle Swain

Dave Gullage

Diana Gibbons

Erin Matthews

Gary Herritt

Gavin Loveless

Gina Chaulk

Holly LeDrew

Holly Tocknell

Jason Dillon

Jason Fowler

Jason Reid

Jessica Jones

Julius Schwartz

Karen Seymour

Lauren Howse

Lori Sturge Piercey

Maria Reddy

Marilyn gould

Mark Murphy

Matthew Greeley

Megan Lynch

Melissa Barnable

Melissa Greening

Michelle Day

Michelle Lannon

Mina Perham

Mitchell O'Connell

Neil Farrell

Nicholas Vinnedge

Parker Drake

Paul Harding

Phil Murphy

Robert Dawe

Samantha Follett

Sara Forward

Shane Rowe

Shanna O'Keefe

Shauna Bowers-Reddick

Stacey Hussey

Tammy Murphy

Tanya Hillier

Tanya Murphy

Tara Patrick

Terri Murphy

Terry Roche

Tom Casey