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Accessory Building (Shed) Regulations

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Accessory Building Regulations, 2016

(1) General
  •  a. Attached garages, carports, ramps and Swimming Pools shall not be subject to the requirements of Section 4.2(2).
  • b. Accessory Buildings are permitted in each Use class provided the Buildings are clearly incidental and complimentary to the Main Buildings’  character, size and use.
  • c. The Buildings must be located on the Lot on which the Main Building is located.
  • d. Accessory Buildings shall not be used for human habitation.
  • e. Accessory Buildings shall not be used for commercial or industrial Uses on a residential property, regardless of the Use Zone in which it is located, unless Council has issued a permit for such Use.
  • f. Repairs to vehicles, other than minor vehicle maintenance, are prohibited in Accessory Buildings.
(2) Residential Accessory Buildings
  • a. Notwithstanding Section 3.2, Accessory Buildings with a combined building footprint up to 5.2 m2 do not require approval from Council, but shall be included in calculation of allowable area for Accessory Buildings in Section 2(g).
  • b. Accessory Buildings greater than 5.2 m2 require approval from Council and shall meet the following requirements:
    • i. They shall not be located within 1.2 m from any property boundary and 2.0 m from the Main Building;
    • ii. They shall not be placed within any easement area.
  • c. Accessory Buildings shall not be placed in front of the Building Line on the Street which the Building has as its legal civic address. An Accessory Building on a Corner Lot may be placed in front of the Building Line on the Flanking Yard, provided the location does not impede visibility on the flanking Street, and the Accessory Building is set back a minimum of 6 m from the flanking Street.
  • d. Notwithstanding Section 4.2 (2)(c) Council may, at its discretion, allow an Accessory Building with a building footprint less than 90 m2 to be placed in front of the Building Line provided that:
    • i. A public notice has been advertised in accordance with Section 3.32; 
    • ii. The Accessory Building shall be set back a minimum of 15 m from the front property line;
    • iii. The slope of the Lot and/or natural screening effectively blocks the view of the Building from the Street and adjoining properties. The placement of the Building must not negatively affect neighbouring properties;
    • iv. A site plan is submitted showing all Buildings on the Lot including the proposed Accessory Building.
  • e. With the exception of greenhouses, the exterior cladding of the Accessory Building shall match or coordinate with the exterior siding of the main dwelling on the Lot and shall be residential in character.
  • f. Quonset style/steel Accessory Buildings may be permitted within the Rural Residential Use Zone on Lots greater than 3,600 m2, at the discretion of Council.
  • g. The Accessory Building must be constructed in accordance with the following:


  •  h. With the exception of Accessory Buildings for the purpose of livestock Uses, the installation of private or municipal water and/or sewer services to an Accessory Building is prohibited.
  • i. The installation of electrical services to Accessory Buildings shall be permitted.
  • j. In considering applications for residential Accessory Buildings exceeding 90 m2 in area, or 4.5 m in height, Council shall consider:
    • i. The location of the Accessory Building on the Lot;

    • ii. The size of the Accessory Building compared to the dwelling on the Lot and the size of structures on neighbouring properties;

    • iii. Visibility of the structure from neighbouring properties and/or Street;

    • iv. If the Accessory Building will block a view and/or light from adjoining

    • v. The Use of the Accessory Building;

    • vi. Site conditions, such as topography and the presence of Wetlands; and

    • vii. Any other on-site conditions that may warrant Council’s

(3) Residential Watershed Zone

Accessory Buildings located in the Residential Watershed Use zone shall meet the following  conditions:

  • a. The maximum floor area shall be 45 m2 or 7% of the Lot Area whichever is lesser.
  • b. The maximum height shall be 4 m.
  • c. The Building must be located in the Rear Yard with a minimum of 3 m from any Building on the Lot and a minimum of 1.5 m from any property boundary.
  • d. The Building shall not encroach onto any easement.
  • e. The Building is strictly used for ancillary purposes to the Permitted Uses listed in this Use Zone. Accessory Buildings on residential properties shall not be used for non-residential Uses without permission of the Town of Paradise and the City of St. John’s.
  • f. An Accessory Building shall not be permitted for the purpose of performing major auto repairs, painting, dismantling, or scrapping of vehicles or machinery.
(4) Commercial/Industrial Accessory Buildings 
Accessory buildings located on commercial or industrial properties shall be:
  • a. Located behind the Building Line of the Main Building on the Lot.
  • b. Not closer than 2.4 m to another Building.
  • c. A minimum of 1.2 m from any property line; and
  • d. Not located on or encroach into any easement.
(5) Accessory Buildings in the Conservation Land Use Zone

Notwithstanding Section 4.2(1)(c), Accessory Buildings in the Conservation Land Use Zone shall meet the following requirements:

  • a. Residential Accessory Buildings may be permitted within 60 m of Topsail Pond, subject to Section 4.2(2)(g).
  • b. Construction of docks, wharves, boathouses and similar structures shall be located on the same property as the residential Use to which they will be accessory, or on a parcel in the same ownership as the residential Use, no further than 200 m from the residential Use.
  • c. An Accessory Building will not be permitted in front of any Building Line, closer than 2.4 m from another Building, nor 1.2 m from a property line. Accessory Buildings are subject to the same Side Yard requirements of the nearest residential Use Zone.
  • d. Accessory Buildings are to be used strictly for ancillary purposes to a residential Use, and non-residential Uses shall not be permitted without the permission of Council. Aside from minor vehicle or boat maintenance, no person shall use an Accessory Building for the purpose of performing major repairs, painting, dismantling, or scrapping of vehicles or machinery.