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Election Signage

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Election signs shall be subject to the following conditions: 

1) The erection of election signs shall be permitted on private property provided the property owner has given consent for the erection of such a sign and that the sign does not cause an obstruction to neighboring properties. 

2) The erection of election signs shall be permitted on vacant land owned by the Council, provided the signs do not cause an obstruction to the traveling public or the work of the Council, and provided the signs are not located within the far limits of the carriageway at any street intersection. 

3) Election signs shall not be affixed or attached to existing municipal buildings, structures or signs. 

4) Candidates shall remove their election signs within 36 hours after the close of polls on election day and shall ensure that the site is cleaned up. 

5) If the Candidate fails to remove his or her election signs within 36 hours after the polls close on election day, the Council may remove them and dispose of them and the candidate shall be responsible for the cost of the removal and disposal of such signs. 

6) No permit fee shall be required for election signs of any candidate or political party during a federal, provincial, municipal or regional school board election; however, if a portable sign is used for the purpose of election signage, permits shall be required as outlined by the portable sign regulations. 

7) A candidate or his or her agents cannot campaign or distribute campaign materials (physically or electronically, i.e. social media) at any polling station or within 30 metres of the entrance to any polling station.

NF Power Notice

Candidates are also advised to respect the requirements and notices from NF Power on the placement of the election signs. NF Power issued a statement on election signage and advised that "signs or other obstructions or hazards are not allowed on or in close proximity to poles upon which workers are required to work."

Town of Paradise Logo

In accordance with Town of Paradise Brand Standards, use of the Town of Paradise logo(s) is reserved only for official Town business. The current Brand Standards Guidelines were adopted at an October 2015 public meeting of council. These Guidelines ensure the proper use of the Town logo and other properties. This is limited to Town of Paradise branded materials and official Town business; it is not not permitted to be used in any candidate's materials, including signage, brochures, online, social (e.g. Facebook), or print mediums.