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Getting a Permit

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Town policies and development regulations govern and guide development in the Town of Paradise. Visit the Town's Municipal Plan and Documents page or the municipal regulations page for information. 

What requires a permit and how do you get one?

Most property development, alterations, or repairs will require a permit. Please refer to the list below for the appropriate application form. A completed application form can be submitted by email. Information about how to pay the processing fee by e-transfer is available on out Applications page.

I want to build, add-on, or replace: Application Form
Deck / Patio Accessory Buildings and Uses Application 
Driveway  Culvert
Landscaping (minor)
Swimming Pool / Hot Tub
Retaining Wall
Apartment building
Residential Building Permit Application
House with an apartment
House extension
Row dwelling
Semi-detached dwelling


I want to undertake general exterior home or property maintenance to:

Application Form
Plumbing Residential Building Permit Application

Roof sheathing

Siding, cladding, fascia, etc.
Windows, external doors
Roof shingles No permit required

Exterior painting, Cosmetic interior upgrades

(flooring, cabinets, painting, etc.)

Processing fees ($50.00) are charged on applications for construction of new dwellings. In most other cases, a permit fee will not be required at time of application. Application processing fees are shown on the application form. The permit fee is determined after review of the application, and you will be notified by email about the permit fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How long is a permit good for?
 Permits are valid for one year. If the work is started but not completed within one year, the permit is still valid while development is continuing.
How much does a permit cost?
 All permit fees can be found in the Town of Paradise Fee Schedule.
Do I need a permit to build a residential accessory building (shed)?
Yes. Please fill out this application form: Accessory Buildings and Uses Application.
What size shed or detached garage can I build?

The maximum permissible size of a residential accessory building depends on the area of the lot. Please refer to the table below:


For greater detail, please refer to Section 4.2.2 of the Paradise Development Regulations. 

How do I get a permit to construct a new home?
Submit the Residential Building Permit Application by email and include a plot plan or property survey outlining your proposed development.  Information about how to pay the processing fee by e-transfer will be emailed to you.
Do I have to fence my entire yard if I have a swimming pool?
 No. The area surrounding the swimming pool and pool deck shall be fully enclosed by a fence measuring 1.8 metres high. Please refer to the Fence and Retaining Wall Regulations, 2013 for more information.
How high can I build my fence?
Residential fences are limited to 1.8 metres in height. More information can be found by reading the Town’s Fence and Retaining Wall Regulations, 2013.
How do I arrange a building inspection?
Send an email with the appropriate details .
How do I pay the processing fee during Covid restrictions?
Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the public health guidelines, all Town facilities, including the Town Hall, are closed to the public.
With the building closures, we are not able to receive payments in person at the Town Hall. To facilitate payments and processing of applications, we have established an electronic payment method through Interac e-Transfer.  
  • Through online banking or mobile banking app, add the "Town of Paradise" with the email address as a contact.
  • The "comment" or "message" section must contain: Name of Applicant, Purpose of the e-transfer. (i.e. Application fee or permit fee, indicating the type of permit) and Civic Address. If this information is not provided, the e-transfer cannot be completed. 
NOTE: If the e-transfer limit cannot cover the entire amount of the permit fee, please send in two installments, indicating the payment is for “Civic #, Street Name, Payment 1 of 2”, or “Civic #, Street Name, Payment 2 of 2”.”  This will alert staff that additional payments will follow. The deposit will be made automatically, and should not require a security question or password.
Interac e-Transfers will only be accepted through