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Neighbourhood Watch

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Neighbourhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program to reduce and deter crime and encourage strong neighbourhood relationships. It involves neighbours working together by watching out for each other's property and alerting police of suspicious activity.

The program teaches residents to secure their property, be aware of their surroundings, communicate with their neighbours, and help combat crime before it happens.

Neighbourhood Watch Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The program works through mutual aid: neighbours watching out for neighbours. Neighbours know who you are, what type of car you own, and may be the first to notice a burglar at your window or door. By taking an active role in both security and observation, members of Neighbourhood Watch learn how to be alert to suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods. Neighbourhood Watch members learn to respond appropriately to potential threats and can also be anonymous when contacting police.

You can start a Neighbourhood Watch program in your neighbourhood or on your street by becoming a Block Captain. If there is already an existing Neighbourhood Watch in your area, you can become a Watch Member. Watch Members are connected with Block Captains, who will welcome you to your new program.

What does it involve?

The Neighbourhood Watch program:

  • Does NOT require a great deal of time from members.
  • Does NOT require you to patrol your neighbourhood.
  • Does NOT ask you to take on the role of the police or chase suspected criminals.
  • Does NOT involve being nosy neighbours or invade personal privacy.
  • Does WORK!
Where are Neighbourhood Watches?
A Neighbourhood Watch can be anywhere: a street, a cul-de-sac, apartment building or condos. You can start a Watch in any common area where people want to reduce and prevent crime.
What are we watching for?
  • Unknown people or vehicles in your neighbourhood passing by numerous times.
  • People taking "short cuts" through a backyards.
  • Unauthorized door-to-door canvassing.
  • Loitering around a business that is closed.
  • People looking into car windows or checking door handles.
  • People entering a side yard.
  • Loud arguments or fighting in the street.
What should I do if I see somthing suspicious?
  • Write down clothing and physical descriptions of suspicious persons.
  • Get make, model, colour and licence number of strange vehicles.
  • Note the direction of travel.
  • CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY... don't assume someone else has called.
What can I do to help minimize the opportunity for crime?
  • Make an effort to know your neighbours.
  • If you go away, minimize an obvious invitation for crime.
    • Ask your neighbour to remove uncollected flyers, papers and mail etc.
    • Before you go away leave information on how you can be reached, how long you will be away, and anybody permitted at your home during your absence.
    • Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour.
  • Make your property less inviting to criminals by:
    • Installing bright or motion sensor lights.
    • Securing doors and windows even when absent for a few minutes or preoccupied in your home.
    • Making it look like someone is home.
    • Not hiding keys outside or leaving notes that tell people when you will be returning.
    • Locking car doors and not leaving valuables in your vehicle or in plain view.
How do I get involved?
You can start a Neighbourhood Watch program in your neighbourhood or street by becoming a Block Captain. If there is already an existing Neighbourhood Watch in your area, you can become involved as a Watch Member. Watch Members are connected with Block Captains, who will introduce them to the program. To get connected, please email Municipal Enforcement or call (709) 782 1362.



Paradise Municipal Enforcement
(709) 782-1362


Royal Newfoundland Constabulary 
Non-Emergency: (709) 729-8000