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Automated Garbage Program

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It's time to roll with it!

Automated Garbage Collection is here in the Town of Paradise. It's a cleaner, safer, and smarter way to collect waste. And it eliminates the need to cover garbage with blankets or nets. Just wheel your plastic cart out for collection and the automated trucks empty it using a mechanical arm. It also makes it safer for our workers as they no longer need to lift and haul the garbage. 


Recycling is mandatory in the Town of Paradise as it reduces the amount of waste going into the wheeled cart and into landfills. Let's all do our part and recycle!




All garbage must be in regular - black or green - household garbage bags before it's placed in the wheeled cart. 

place it




Wheeled carts must be to the end of your driveway by 8 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. And in winter, please don't place the cart near snow banks or on the road. 



 Leave at least one metre (3 feet) of clearance between your wheeled cart and any obstacles such as parked cars, poles, recycling bags, etc. The arrows on the cart lid must point to the street.



On your garbage collection day, parking is not permitted on the street. 



Also, don't forget that Garbage Boxes must be moved from the front of property lines. Visit our Garbage Box Removals Page for more information.

How It Works

Check out the video for all the details on how the program works and how to place your cart!



On your regular collection day, simply place the cart on the street, with the wheels against the curb, if there is one, or just off the road, on the shoulder or at the end of your driveway.

The wheeled carts must be to the curb no later than 8 a.m. on your collection day.  

The cart must be returned to the resident's property after the garbage is picked up. 

The carts are emptied using a mechanical arm on the truck, which eliminates the need for workers to lift and haul the garbage. It allows for a clean, safe and efficient waste collection process.

Leave at least one metre (3 feet) of clearance between the cart and any obstacles such as parked cars, poles, recycling bags, etc. The arrows on the cart lid must point to the street.  

In the winter, do not place carts behind or on top of snow banks. Please make sure they are clearly visible and accessible. 


Wheeled Carts

Only Town-supplied carts can be used for Automated Garbage Collection..

All registered households in the Town of Paradise have received a wheeled-garbage cart. If there is more than one dwelling in your house, for example if you have a registered apartment, you will receive the required number of carts for the property.  If you do not have a cart, please call 782-3577.  

 All regular household garbage must be placed inside the cart and the lid must close. The carts can hold the equivalent of five to six bags of garbage. Any garbage placed beside the cart will not be collected. Residents are required to recycle fiber products, plastics and cans, and place in separate blue bags.  Recyclables must be kept out of the wheeled carts.

The carts are equipped with an embedded radio tag which helps us manage cart inventory, verifies the correct address for misplaced carts and records the replacement history of individual carts. The carts also have individual serial numbers, which helps locate them when necessary.

The carts have large wheels that make them easy to roll, even over curbs, gravel and snow.


Automated Garbage Collection Guide

Check out the Automated Garbage Collection Guide for all the program details!


Waste Disposal (Garbage) Regulations

There are new Waste Disposal (Garbage) Regulations, including key updates to:

. Automated Garbage Collection
. Use of Town-issued carts
. Removal of garbage boxes
. Parking ban on collection days
. Recycling collection